Sunday 14 July 2013

Formic 0.9beta8 is out

This release introduces a new feature and fixes a couple of annoying bugs. Note that the semantics for ** were incorrect in previous versions. Get it at

New feature:

Added the ability to pass in the function that walks the directory path, which allows for alternate implementations or supplying a mock function that provides values completely unrelated to the OS. This is available only from the API and not from the command line::

      files = ["CVS/", 
      for dir, file in FileSet(include="*.py", walk=walk_from_list(files)):
          print dir, file

Bug fixes:

Fixed #10: Paths like //network/dir caused an infinite loop
Fixed #11: Incorrect handling of globs ending /** and /. Ant Glob semantics for::


are that they should match "all files that have a test element in their path, including test as a filename."